Interested in joining the Anime Discovery Project? To join, all you need to do is show up. You can come to the showings, dinners, events, and hang out with us in the office all you want and we won’t charge you anything.

If you want a premium membership though, that would cost $5 per quarter or $13 for the whole year. Premium membership would allow you to check out manga and anime from our library, participate in raffles, win prizes from activities, and receive discounts on certain outside events we go to. If you want to pay for membership, talk to our Treasurer during the showings, but remember membership is not required to go to the showings!

We are a non-profit organization; membership funds support club functions, advertising, library content, prizes, and other swag. Members and non-members alike are urged to participate in the club and give us feedback, either in person or online – your input is very important to us, since we can’t think of everything nor know what you want in your club without it!

As a member, one of the main things you get access to is the huge library of manga we have. The library contains manga in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. We make these materials available for our members, so please take care of them. Members checking out manga from our library are expected to abide by the following rules:

  • Members may check out materials for no more than seven days. If you think you will check something in late, you may contact the librarian at [email protected] to explain your circumstances. We’re reasonable and understand that schedules can get hectic.
  • If you damage, destroy, mutilate, or abuse library materials or make it unreadable in any way, we will fine you for the replacement ($10 for manga, $20 for CDs & anime, or current value) or you can buy a replacement of the same title and volume. Failure to comply with either option will result in a complete revocation of your membership.
  • The first time you bring a manga in late without warning us in person or by email, you will be emailed a warning. The second time that you bring in a manga late without warning us, your library privileges will be revoked for the quarter.
  • Also note: All check-outs must be made in person. We do not send manga out by mail.

Please, feel free to contact us at [email protected] to ask any questions you may have about joining us.